Tuesday, August 5

Famous Last Words

The fact of the matter is simply this: I no longer feel the need to blog about ANYTHING. I literally never think about this blog except when the domain name renewal comes up; I pay for the renewal because it feels traitorous not to, however it really is a waste of money if you think about it. A decade ago things were a lot different. I had no direction, even in my 30's which is beyond pathetic, and I wasted a LOT of time justifying sweet fuck all on this blog. Now, even on the days when I have what feels like nothing going on, I'm content to just be in that nothing without the noise and approval of the internet which I've learned seriously doesn't matter at all. What did this blog get me? Sure, I got a TON of freebies via this outlet, it still astounds me that anyone would think I had any sort of opinion that mattered, enough to send me free stuff. I can assure those people that with the passage of time they gained probably nothing and I gained at least the use of whatever product they sent. That stuff doesn't matter to me now either, damn, I can BUY what I want if I really want it, or barter with someone who has something I want and can use something I have. Blogging is kind of the vainest of the vain and although I do think it is perfectly normal for human beings to crave and seek and need the sort of instant feedback and gratification it can provide, I also think that when you reach the stage in your life where that really doesn't mean anything to you anymore, where you aren't telling stories that insist be told but rather are searching for a few words to tide a post over to the next few words, you let it go. Because if you are trying too hard to put it out there, well, you're just trying too hard and that's not a good look on anyone. I let this sit and stew for awhile, at one point had kind of thought I might one day return to it. But now, too much time has passed, too many things have changed and it's all for the better. So in the immortal words of famous slacker Jeff Spicoli, "Aloha, Mr. Hand."

Wednesday, April 23

Huh...I'd pretty much forgotten about this blog. I've been living life, you know?

Friday, November 1

Playing with black and white

Monday, October 28

What's new

Saturday, July 13

Art show last night

And wore this:

Wednesday, June 26

Stopping In

It does seem that the natural progression of my life has lead to basically abandoning this blog. Shame really in some ways and "who cares" in others. I've not officially ended it because I want it to be here if I suddenly feel like sharing. Thing is, that hasn't happened in a while. I never saw the point in forcing it, and if I have to set aside time to blog, then it's just not fun anymore. I suspect that most readers have long since abandoned; that's what happens when you vacate the premises out here in internet land for too, too long. So, at this point, I suppose I'm more of a squatter here, dropping in occasionally but not even necessarily making myself known. We'll continue to see what happens.

Monday, June 3

Peep Peep

I have seriously been so busy with the new ducklings and chicks, the yard, the veggie gardens, the house reno's etc. that I pretty well forgot I even had a blog. I've also got another photo show coming up next month that I'm prepping for...I'm exhausted right now. I haven't taken any very good shots of the new birds yet, but my plan is to do that this week and share. Nobody can resist little ducklings and chicks, right?

Tuesday, May 28

So These Are My New Ducklings

Live video by Ustream at least, these are them when I have the camera stream running.

Friday, May 17


OK not really a surprise.  You've probably noticed I've not been posting much here.  Anyway, been super busy with our property, I'll have a few things to share with you by Monday.  Oh the excitement, try to control yourselves!

Friday, April 19

I Already Need Sun Again

Seriously, it's been just over a month, and I'm ready for somewhere warm and sandy again. This weather sucks, drastic temperature changes mean huge migraines for me, actually have a lingering one right now.


Wouldn't mind Florida, maybe end of summer?

Tuesday, April 16


I really crave a return to simplicity, a world where I don't know what every single person I've ever known is doing every second of every day. A world where everyone from the age of 18 months up has their face shoved into some sort of device (and the sick perfection of the "I" being a key part of the name of these devices isn't lost on me). So many of us can't write a full sentence or take the extra few seconds to use all applicable vowels. It's pathetic really.

Friday, April 12

Seeing is Believing (or so they say)

I kinda love this infographic things. This one is super interesting, especially for someone like me who is: a. pretty much blind without my glasses or contacts and b. kind of a geek for sciency (yes, I said sciency) stuff. Color blindness is a pretty funny thing too.
Via: eyeglasses online

Wednesday, April 3

Is There Anybody Out There?

I never wanted this to feel forced, so until it doesn't (if it doesn't) I'm not going to go out of my way to blog.  It's not like it's a job or even anything very important.  It's sort of ridiculous that it's been going on even this long!

Thursday, March 14

Magically Delicious!

It's almost St. Patrick's Day and this year I decided to be less of a scrooge (is that only a Christmas thing? What do you call someone who doesn't bother with St. Patrick's Day?) and get into the spirit of things and throw a party. Found this and think I'll make some of the drinks on , The Tropical Irish Holiday sounds good and I have a TON of rum from Cuba to use (seriously, we came back with NINE bottles!)

DO NOT want to do the green beer thing though, ugh, green chemicals and teeth stains!

Via: Halloween Express